Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE

Team Eauligo is one of the semi-finalist in the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE. The goal of this challenging competition is to map a significant area of the ocean floor up to 4000m depth in less than 24 hours.

Our fleet of micro robotic submarines will soon be setting off to explore the ocean deep. Designed to be ultra-small to withstand the immense pressures and self-learning to guide themselves in an environment no one has visited.

Our micro submarines are called Marine Bees, not just for the way they look, but also because they mimic the behavior of a real bee hive to explore and image the ocean floor. They have three simple goals:

  1. Survive in the ocean at depths up to 4000m
  2. Map the terrain of the seafloor in high detail
  3. Identify and image archaeological, biological or geological features

A lot of work for a little bee, but they are up to the challenge.

The XPRIZE Foundation manages public competitions intended to encourage technological development that could benefit mankind. Their most famous competitions to date include the Ansari XPRIZE won by SpaceShipOne and the ongoing Google Lunar XPRIZE.

For the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE the foundation is not looking out into space but heading deep underwater. It is a global competition challenging teams to advance breakthrough technologies for rapid and unmanned ocean exploration. The goal is to accelerate innovation for the unmanned exploration of the unchartered deep sea, illuminate the most mysterious part of the planet and ignite the public imagination. For more information see

Want to get involved?

Corporate Sponsorship (not just financial)

Do you have a service, product or manufacturing that would be useful to complete the challenge? Or are there people in your organization that can donate time and expertise to work with us? We can offer partnership and branding options for this global challenge which has multiple media opportunities driven by the XPRIZE Foundation.

Education and Associations

Exploring the ocean is a great inspiration for the next generation of scientists and engineers. We are planning something special with the schools in the 06 department and we want the kids to be involved and share in the excitement of discovery. If you know some young people who want to have some fun and learn something amazing then contact us for more details.

Individual Contributions

We have lots of clever ideas but we know there are lots of people with even better ideas. If you have specific skills or experience that can help and want to contribute then let us know.

We are especially looking for Oceanographers with experience in bathymetric mapping and Social Media Gurus who can help us with our media campaigns.